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Transformative technology and products

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Our patient-inspired technologies offer new ways to help patients achieve better health outcomes.

Our path forward

Wait until you see what’s next

We’ve achieved approval for 8 new drug applications (NDAs)–and we’re not stopping there.

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Get to know us

The passion behind the innovation

Our science and technology make us unique – our people set us apart.

Our mission

Understanding the science that drives the delivery of drugs to develop products with unique attributes; bringing to market products that add value to our patients and customers; dafabet casino appand providing a benefit to our employees and to society.

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Technology licensing

The proprietary LiquiXR® drug delivery technology allows for customized, sustained release of active drug for a wide variety of formulations.

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We are constantly seeking mutually beneficial collaborations and partnerships.

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We’re growing fast! Come join our team of bright, talented individuals who are ready to take on challenges and are driven to succeed.

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